LCV Consulting & Safety Services fully understands the importance of Health & Safety across all industries. As our world constantly evolves, we are faced with new  working environments unlike before. With new working environments, comes many challenges in the workplace that present hazards to our employees. With that being said, our focus is "to provide a vast array of specialized services to not only the construction industry, but all industries in effort to ensure absolute safety among our workplace and ultimately protecting our staff. 


Licensed Producers 

The Marijuana industry is quickly evolving as the Government allows licensed producers the ability to legally produce and supply Marijuana. These licenses are issued to manufacturers that employ large numbers of people. Although these facilities are state of the art, and employees highly valued, environments such as these tend to present many workplace hazards. LCV Consulting & Safety Services primary focus is to work with organizations like these, their key stakeholders, and employees in an effort to achieve absolute Health & Safety in this specialized industry.​

​Current Services 

  • General Safety

  • Environmental exposures 

  • Ergonomics

  • Work Hours Management 

  • Organizational Culture

  • Health & Safety Manuals

The Fine Arts


The Fine  Arts can pose significant risks to the health and safety of artists trying to realize their projects. can off support in an effort to ensure the proper procedures and policies are in place so that artists can safely realize their projects while minimizing potential hazards. 

​Current Services 

  • Fit Testing for adequate respirator protection

  • Environmental exposure 

  • Working at height solutions

  • Procedure development

  • Hazardous waste disposal consultation

  • Theatre  & Stage Consultation  

Academic Institutions

We can assist post secondary academic institutions improve health & Safety throughout their campus  by identifying hazards and providing mitigating solutions in a effort to ultimately create a safe working, learning and research environment. 

Current Services 

  • Contractor Management

  • Environmental exposure consultation 

  • Safety Surveys

  • Procedure  development

  • Hazardous Waste 

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